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luckiest guy in the world that she did. >> president obama clearly speaking from the heart about his wife, michelle obama. that was at the clinton global initiative this week. by the way, tomorrow, 6:00 p.m., my full interview with the former president, bill clinton, 6:00 p.m. eastern, the full interview with bill clinton. thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "john king usa" starts rights now. >> good evening, everyone. we begin with troubling numbers, new numbers for president obama and his democratic party. this is important, with the goal of better understanding just why things are taking a new shift in the republicans favor. 54% of americans disapprove of how president obama is handling his job. that's a new low for the president in our cnn polling. 53% tell us they plan to vote republican for congress.
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don't try telling that to the house speaker, nancy pelosi. >> i feel confident our members are the best spokespersons for their constituents. they know how to communicate with their districts and they are doing just that and they're doing just fine. >> don't believe the numbers, then how about this? remember that, the now iconic image of hope? it's the work of art irs shepherd ferry, who told people they wanted somebody who was going to fight against the status quo and i don't think obama has done that." >> what is driving voters away from president obama, from his agenda and toward the republicans, "time magazine" columnist joe klein is on a month long road trip. republican strategist ed recallens is with us in new york
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and matthew doud and cnn political analyst, gloria borger. >> i want to show you this one number. we gave you the president's approval rating. i want everyone to take a look at this. has president obama met your expectations, yes, 32%, exceeded 9%, 56% of americans, 56% of americans, matthew doud, you polled for presidential campaign and a president, that's not just the republicans. if you're at 56% who thinks this president has not made the expectations, that's a wide swath. >> he has intensity among democrats, but he lost any republicans he started with, after his inauguration are gone. most of the independents shifted their way. when you're at 42% job approval rating, there's a lot of people who think you haven't met your expectations. >> joe klein, a lot of fascinating races in the west,
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you're in colorado today, what is driving it? i was looking at other numbers today. i don't want to overdwell on the polling. it tells you back in june, people started to get the sense, maybe the economy was going to get better. now that number is back down in the mid 20s, people feeling economic pessimism. is that what you're feeling? >> yeah, there's a tremendous economic concern that's going on, but people really just feel the president is out of touch. they don't feel the impact of the things that he's done. you know, the big things are health care. that mostly strikes fear in the hearts of americans because he hasn't told them and they don't know the good parts of it. they are totally opposed, really angry about the bank bailouts and about the power of the big bankers. they're confused about the financial reform plan and they're skeptical about the stimulus. you can't drive 15 minutes without hitting a road crew in
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this crew. >> with those joe biden signs. >> right. >> but people are angry about that too. >> let me come over here. here's a number here, joe has been going across the country. i want to bring everybody else on this. you look at the approval rating. in the cities, he does fine. but you go out into suburban america, 37% disapprove. rural areas, that's where some democrats in the 2006 wave picked up some seats. in the presidential year, maybe picked up seats. if you overlay those pictures with the map, you start to this uh-oh. >> last year, when democrats had great back to back elections in the 2006 and the presidential election of 2008, the suburbs, we lost, we lost independent
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voters in both of those elections. enthused democrats are not that anymore and younger democrats are not going to turn out. there's no history of any of the african-american community that supported him so overwhelmingly at congressional races. just to give you a point, the generic vote, i've not seen a generic vote like this since ronald reagan, the closing weeks of the '84 campaign. he was at about 53, won 59%. that's where that number was. that's a symbolic number. >> here's the problem for the president, particularly with those suburban voters but also with people feeling they have no confidence in barack obama. they think he hasn't lived up to expectations. barack obama had a lot of big government solutions for problems. what he didn't really reckon with is the fact that people don't trust government to do anything these days. they don't trust government. he's given them these big
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government solutions which by the way have been decided on very partisan votes in the congress. that's exactly the opposite of what they wanted. he doesn't get any credit for anything that he's done because people don't trust the government to do anything, including reform the financial system in this country. >> i agree with that. i think there's a fundamental thing that happened. he got elected to change washington. he got elected to get past the bitter divide and the polarization. there's a lot of issues, health care, the economy. fundamentally, a huge swath of voters that elected him wanted that. he did not do any of that. he's made it more polarized. people blame the republicans and democrats. >> republicans have had a part in that. >> matt, you know, that wasn't all him. >> the president is accountable. >> go ahead, joe. >> that wasn't all the president. you had the republicans acting as the party of no. it was a smart political strategy. it worked for many of them. it was heartfelt, but it has
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really worked, because the solutions that he came up with are too abstract for most americans. >> the other thing that he's lost, you know, unfortunately, with all the problems he's had, the high unemployment, the american public does not perceive him as a leader. reagan was at a similar point in '82, lost 26 house seats, having fired the air traffic controllers, having been a strong president and battled with the congress, he was viewed as a strong leader. you may have disagreed with him. this president is not viewed as a leader. the leaders people look at are harry reid and nancy pelosi. then you have obama as the third figure. that's what is diminishing them all. >> isn't it more in a way that they really don't know who he is? we have seen more of this president than we've seen of any other president in my lifetime. we don't even know who barack obama is. it's so odd for the great
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communicator. >> obama the president does not have the connection that obama the candidate did. >> i was listening in the radio today. i heard obama react to auguthe speech. the american people expect him to be fighting for them. >> i think the problem with that is that's not who he is. every time people say barack obama needs to be passionate. he needs to connect better with voters, barack obama needs to be bill clinton, he's not that. if he starts to do that, he's going to come across as totally inauthentic. he has to go back and do what he said he was going to do, which is bring republicans and democrats and do that together. >> easier said than done. >> you can be more forceful than
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he was. >> he can at least try it on a daily basis. he has not done that. >> one thing i'm catching out here a lot is people know what republicans stand for, but they don't know what democrats stand for. that's particularly true on the issue of jobs. they know that republicans believe that if you lower taxes, it creates more jobs. they don't have the democratic equivalent of that. i'm hearing from both democrats and republicans that they like to hear the president say we're going to stop the jobs from going out, you know, to china and india. they're not getting the message. >> we have created a lot of government jobs. people don't want more government jobs. you see the stories about the pensions. people want real private sector jobs they can go back to. they're not getting that today. >> the hurricane is only two miles offshore that is coming on. he can give 62 speeches and it's not going to make any
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difference. >> 75% of the voters said they made up their mind. >> because it's bigger than that. joe mentioned what he picks up on the road. if you talk to people about this, they think that by the time they're children are in college or slightly thereafter, that china will be the world's leading economic power. there's a force out there in this anxiety that is then driving their negativity toward a washington and a president they view is not meeting their expectations. >> i think you put your finger on something that did not exist for president clinton and did not exist for president reagan. there's a huge swath of voters do not believe their children will be better off. back in the early 90s, people believed their children would be better off. today, people do not necessarily believe their kids are going to be better off. that puts him at a tremendous advantage of doing anything. >> which is why the next presidential candidate has to be optimistic. >> quick break. everyone stay with us. got to sneak in a quick break.
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>> on sunday, the former president, bill clinton will be in massachusetts campaigning for barney frank. he's the chairman of the house banking committee. he would not be in a year like this, you would think of anybody could be vulnerable. most democrats and most republicans in massachusetts say he's probably not vulnerable. they used the word probably tells you a lot. if you were watching last night, you saw i was up in massachusetts. i stopped to meet an ex marine who is barney frank's opponent. he said the fact that president clinton is coming to town tells him something.
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>> we've got volunteers making thousands of phone calls, yard signs, et cetera. we're doing all that. he's bringing bill clinton. he's dumping a lot of money on tv. he's definitely more than aware that we're here and he's worried. the poll numbers, i'm sure he's seen similar numbers, that's why he hasn't released his results. >> he's never run for office before. i don't assume, and most republicans think barney frank will win this election. what does it tell you that barney frank is on television, spending money that he could be giving to candidates who need their help. bill clinton is going to spend four or six hours in massachusetts where he could be helping patrick murphy in philadelphia. what does that tell you about what's in the water this year? >> well, it points to a huge thing, which is there's tremendous enthusiasm gap that you pointed to at the beginning of the show that exists between
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where the republicans are and democrats are. when you have that big of an enthusiasm gap, people like barney frank have no idea who's going to show up at the polls. a low turnout in a democratic election, a lot of races gets close. >> scott brown won the district where barney is. it's striking, you go up there in massachusetts, it's an upper middle class or better neighborhood. people grumble about t.a.r.p. and all the financial things that barney frank was involved in. >> in many ways, financial reform, people were in 2008 populi populist. barney frank was responsible for passing financial reform. people don't trust the government to reform the banks. they are mad about t.a.r.p., they're mad about everything. barney frank gets no credit for all the work he's done on that.
7:17 pm
>> they don't think the government has reformed the banks is the problem. they don't see it. they don't believe it. we should put this in perspective. matt said something really important before as he usually does. that is that obama can say -- make 61 speeches in the next few weeks and it isn't going to turn this. what the president has to be thinking about now is the future of his presidency. his presidency is at risk. he has to really rethink what he has been doing. you know, another way to put this in perspective is at 42%, he's sitting exactly where ronald reagan was at this point in his presidency. he's sitting higher than bill clinton was. >> that's a great point. i was talking to a republican pollster who says maybe 55 or 60 seats the republicans will pick up. what does this mean for obama. he says zip. the republicans have their pledge to america. it includes repealing and
7:18 pm
replacing the health care plan. this came up in speaker pelosi's news conference. she said if you want to repeal obama care, answer this question. >> we want to repeal the bill. that will cost 1.4, $1.3 trillion. that's what the savings are in the bill. >> ed rollins, should republicans get worried if democrats campaign on the message, take away health care, you'll raise the deficit? >> i welcome debate on that. half a trillion is medicare cuts. there's a substantial period of increase in taxes that have been added to a health care bill. i don't think the republicans can repeal the health care bill. they can modify and make it better. i want to go back to a point on barney frank. he's the epitome of what's wrong with congress. he's as unpopular as pelosi. he's not had a tough race since he ran against margaret heckler
7:19 pm
in 1982. he's a guy who's never had a real job. he's worked his entire life on government. he's the epitome of the arrogant people that people want to throw out. he's had a safe district. if he gets beat, i'll be shocked but he better realize people aren't happy with him. >> i'm a little vague on where you are on barney frank, ed. >> in all fairness, i've known barney frank since he effectively ran the city of boston. you're being a little unfair here. >> i met barney frank when he was kevin white's chief of staff. we got to take a quick break. edds, we'll see you later in the program. thank you, gloria. matt. >> news update. what does the president call offensive, hateful, inexcusable?
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>> welcome back. let's check in with joe johns. >> president obama is back in washington after several packed days in new york, meeting with world leaders visiting the united nations. in a bbc interview, he scorned ahmadinejad, saying that nithe 1 was the result of an initiative? >> it's offensive, for him to make a statement like that was
7:24 pm
inexcusable. >> so john, they say the president isn't upset enough about it. i wonder if his handlers are telling him to skrunch um his eyebrows. >> should he be more angry. it's not how he emoets his displeasure. we don't take sides here. maybe you think he should be more animated. it was offensive. you can agree with the president on that one. joe, thank you. a lot more to come. including a look at some of the interesting races this year. one of them is the california senate race. carly fiorina is running against washington arrogance. gordon gekko is back in theaters. and pete dominick is in town. he got to hook up with stephen colbert. nation, tonight's word, truthiness.
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i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society...
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felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. >> latest field poll shows carly fiorina trailing barbara boxer. california is an expensive place to run an election. it is an incredibly expensive state. the coke brothers have become
7:28 pm
boogy men. they call that an outrage, they think there needs to be new legislation, does it worry you that the corporate money is going into campaigns like this. >> money has been going into political campaigns for a long time. the democrats have a lot of boogymen this election cycle. what's fascinating is how many people are playing in politics who maybe haven't played before. whether those are big contributions in terms of 527s or independent expenditures, there are plenty on both sides of the aisle or whether it's people getting engaged at 5 or 10 or $200. there's many stories this year. the biggest story to me is all of the newcomers to politics. that includes me. >> is there any down side to it when you have newcomers that don't have experience in politics that are maybe more my way or the highway.
7:29 pm
sometimes you do in that building behind me, sometimes you do have to compromise. >> i think the voters in california are saying, i think we're seeing this all across the country, people have decided that career politicians may be part of the problem, not part of the solution. ours was intended to be a z citizen government. any political movement, you're going to get extremes on both ends of the spectrum. fundamentally, i think it's a good thing when people are engaged in the process. president obama managed to get a lot of new people engaged in the process. that was positive. i think the tea party engagement is positive as well. >> one of the reasons you are here raising money is because california is one of the most expensive states to run. i want to listen to one of your new ads. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> could you say senator instead of ma'am.
7:30 pm
it's just a think. i worked so hard to get that tit title. >> 28 years in washington, barbara boxer works hard for a title. i'll really go to work to end the arrogance in washington. >> what's the point of the ad? >> the point of the ad is that nothing symbolizes stale, entrenched incouple bancy more than a sitting senator dressing down a general for using the wrong title. of course ma'am is great respect for the military. people are tired of politicians who believe the point is their job, where the point right now is everyone else's job and getting government under control. of course people think washington is arrogant. it is. >> what if it's a woman who believes she has earned the title senator and maybe the man doesn't understand it.
7:31 pm
i ask the question in the context of these words from carly fiorina who wrote this, when i finally reached the top after striving my entire career to be judged by results and accomplishments, the coverage of my gender and my appearance and the perceptions of my result would vastly outweigh everything else. i think somehow men understand other men's need for respect differently than they understand it for a woman. maybe senator boxer was asking for respect? >> to accuse that brigadier general of sexism is outrages. he called the male senators sir throughout the hearing. ma'am is a term of respect. that was not about sexism. if a male senator had done what barbara boxer did to the general, it would have been equally outrageous. that was about a need for title. it's symptomatic of what people are tired of in washington, d.c.
7:32 pm
and are symptomatic of what people are tired of in barbara boxer. >> i want you to listen to the president of the united farm workers. he gave testimony on immigration issues, about the scope of undocumented workers in the country. let's listen. >> if you had a glass of florida orange juice with your breakfast this morning, it is almost certain the oranges that went into that juice were picked by unauthorized workers. if you had milk on cereal, it is likely that the workers didn't have the right papers. >> you talked about tough border enforcement, tough crack down on illegal practices what do we do about those workers who are working in florida agriculture and california? >> i've also been equally outspoken about the fact that we need a temporary worker program that works. california agriculture depends upon it. the restaurants depend upon it.
7:33 pm
technology depends upon it. i support ag jobs. we need a temporary worker program that works. it is the most cynical form of politics to hold either border security or the temporary work program hostage. barbara boxer cast the deciding vote that killed the guest worker program in 2007. it was at the heart of a comprehensive immigration reform compromise that had been breached. when she cast that deciding vote that killed the guest worker program, she said that immigrants represented a cheap source of labor that threatens the american worker. >> carly fiorina, we appreciate you coming here with us tonight. >> pete is came to new york today to follow stephen colbert.
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. >> if you are heading out to the movies, maybe you'll watch the wall street sequel, money never sleeps. guess what, wall street and to a degree gordon gekko have a big role in the campaign, especially the tv ad wars. since we can't book mr. gekko, we have two of the best political minds around, ed rendell is joining us and ed rollins. i want to start governor rendell with an ad in your state. joe sestak is running in your state. sestak has tried and tried and tried even with the help of gordon gekko to tie pat tommey to wall street.
7:38 pm
>> someone reminded me greed is good. now it seems it's legal, because everybody is drinking the same kool-aid. >> you know what the definition of economics is. that's when someone explains to you something you've known your whole life in a language you don't understand. >> in a way, it's a pretty good bang, bang tieing pat tommey up to wall street, the numbers aren't working. why? >> well, you know, it's hard to say it's not working. that race has just begun to be joined. pat toomey had the airwaves all summer. joe started his campaign. he had an effective ad where he uses pat toomey's own voice saying corporate america shouldn't pay any taxes. i think that's something most pennsylvania residents would
7:39 pm
find distressing. we're all subject to our own back grounds. pat toomey was his own boss. the legitimate question is is he going to represent working pennsylvanians are special interests and financial companies. that's a legitimate point to make. to say it's not working, this is week five, joe sestak made up 20 points in the last four weeks of the primary, don't count joe out by any means. >> government reb dell thinks it may work out. let's move one state over. john casic is running against stickland. governor strickland, like congressman sestak trying to make wall street a dirty word. >> ohioens are angry. wall street got their recovery and executives who outsourced our jobs, they got their
7:40 pm
bonuses. we're putting a stop to that in ohio. i don't work for the wall street guys. i work for you. >> i was out there recently. ed rollins, and i saw john casic. he said i knew they were going to attack me. his theory is the negative ads from politicians against wall street don't work because people dislike the politicians more than wall street. >> it's hard to tag john who is a blue collar guy. he beat a democrat in a blue collar democrat district. he represented the blue collar working people. there's no credibility trying to link him to wall street. the club for growth spent a lot of money including against mike huckabee against anybody they thought was spending too much government money. it's hard to make them wall streeters. wall street is a bad name. what's relevant is who can
7:41 pm
represent the values of the ordinary people out there. >> help us more broadly governor rendell. because your party is in charge, people are feeling another wave of economic anxiety. they're taking it out on the people in charge. what should the message be? what is the party failing to do to convince people, because you see the numbers shifting the other way. the president's disapproval is up. >> sure. first, let me say one thing, john. in terms of how we got here, i think the greed on wall street clearly was the main factor in creating this worldwide recession. some lack of government oversight was there, no question about it, but it was the greed on wall street that plummeted this nation and the world into recession. people should not be allowed to forget that. but i think we should be looking forward. we should be talking about the positive things that the president is doing like the recently enacted small business bill which, once and for all, makes sure that small businesses have access to 30 billi$30 bill
7:42 pm
loans. it helps small businesses expense, they created capital gains exemptions. things that are going to put people back to work immediately. we should be focusing on the president's plans because they're good plans. infrastructure, the single best job creator in well paying jobs. president has a great plan on infrastructure. we should be looking forward rather than playing the blame game. >> edd, i want to ask you a question about peter hamby. 117 cities, 106 appearances with candidates, 43 of the districts are not competitive districts. perhaps he's taking this trip for his own election. i talked to chairman steele at the beginning of this bus tour.
7:43 pm
he's been very controversial, people say he shoots from the lip and hasn't been able to raise enough money. listen to michael steele and i want your opinion on the other side. >> i get blamed for stuff that hasn't happened yet. i'm a big boy. i've been in this fight a long time. what's disappointing is that when some within our party lose sight of this is not about the chairman of the rnc, this is about a candidate who's making a sacrifice to run for office. we need to focus on that. >> ed, if you're in 46 or 43 districts that don't have competitive races, this is worth spending the money on this. >> no, it's not. at the end of the day, michael is not a real factor in this election. he didn't raise the money he needed to raise. he's an articulate spokesman for the party. the game has on on without him. i said it before and i'll say it again, him in a bus running
7:44 pm
around to districts don't hurt anybody. at the end of the day, he doesn't help very much. >> ed rendell, you had that job once. >> no question about it, keep michael steele, he's the gift that keeps on giving. >> as a compose to you as a great chairman. i had great admiration for you both as a governor, we're glad your term is up. we have a good issue of after life. >> we'll see you both in the near future. when we come back, this might be too much for washington to handle. stephen colbert, pete dominick, same town, same day. you don't want to miss it. sure i'd like to diversify my workforce,
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7:48 pm
an fbi task force investigated homes today. a federal judge cleared the way for california's first execution since 2006. it's set for next wednesday. and a russian company wants to buy a controlling interest in one of the largest uranium mining operations in the u.s. engineers tell cnn they don't think it would jeopardize security. that sounds like something worth testing in the news report. >> very post cold war. it will show up as some sort of tom clancy novel. >> joe johns, dana bash and the guy in the middle is usually on the street. pete dominick is indoors because one of pete's friends, former colleague, stephen colbert was in town today. he was up on capitol hill. before we get to capitol hill, let's show you a little bit of
7:49 pm
the stephen colbert, where he was talking about his work. he worked with the farm workers in the take our jobs campaign. i hope we have pictures of that. those pictures are not there. stephen showed him packing corn and harvesting beans. he testified as a witness in a hearing about immigration reform in a guest worker program. listen to him tell congress this is hard work. >> i have to say this, i do mean this sincerely, please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. for one thing, when you're picking beans, you have to spend all day bending over. it turns out, most soil is at ground level. if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make the earth waist high? where is the funding. >> i see you in the back listening. you managed to keep a straight face. >> for once. >> it's kind of funny, the
7:50 pm
members of congress not laughing. >> i've never seen anything like this in all my years covering congress. joe backed me up on this. what was really fascinating about this is zoe lofgren was very clear. she wanted attention. boy, you couldn't walk through the hallway, that changed. she had no idea how he was going to come. she didn't know if he was going to come in character or as a straight man on this issue. she did not know and none of the members knew that he was going to be stephen colbert that we all know. >> he was going to be stephen colbert, right? >> it's hard to predict. i worked at the colbert report for five years until you were so kind to hire me to work at your show, john king. he's hard to predict. he is the smartest, most intelligent person i've been around. i worked on a lot of these
7:51 pm
shows. >> second most intelligent. >> you however, are the most hand some. you, we found out, are the most hand some today. >> one of the things you can ask joe as you go to the hearings, are you an expert witness? >> i like talking about people who don't have any power. and this seems like one of the least powerful people in the united states are migrants workers who do our work. we invite them to come here and at the same time ask them to leave. that's an interesting contradiction to me. >> that was actually a relatively serious moment there. >> this was when conniers asked him to change his mind. >> no, that was congresswoman chu asking him about that. that is the real stephen colbert. this is a very, very good man. he's a religious man. >> this is an important issue to him. >> i got to say, i'm sorry, number one, i'm surprised with
7:52 pm
all the stars they bring to capitol hill solely for the purpose of bringing attention to a particular issue, something like this really hasn't happened before. the other thing is, while i haven't seen anything like this happen before, there are circuses on capitol hill, literally the circus comes in march. >> when you say nothing like this happened on capitol hill, yes, they talked about the fact that republicans did have elmo testify at a hearing. that is a fact. there has never been a comedian to make jokes. >> there's never been a guy like stephen colbert. >> they didn't swear him in. >> okay. i just want to actually tell you guys one thing. that is that you and i were there this morning. i tried to do my job and talked to stephen colbert as he was coming in. when i went up to ask him a question, it didn't go exactly as i planned. i think we have the tape. >> did you marry john king. >> he's a handsome guy.
7:53 pm
>> mr. colbert, washington is a very serious place. >> and later on, you'll see he said the same thing to me. the narrative today, the story should have been about john king. stephen colbert thinks john king is a very handsome man. >> not only did he say that to me coming in, coming out, all the reporters are asking questions, he saw me and said tell john i said hi. >> but was he in character? >> that's pretty good. how does it feel to be object fieed as a sex symbol. >> we'll be right back. more laughter on the other side. . sweat every day to make an honest buck...month. and if you're gonna try and do this in anything other than a chevy... well, good luck...month. great deals on the complete family of chevy trucks all backed for a hundred thousand miles. it's truck month.
7:54 pm
now, during truck month, get 0% apr financing on all trucks and full-size suvs like this 2011 silverado. see your local chevrolet dealer.
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7:56 pm
>> "rick's list primetime" coming up in a couple minutes. let's check in with rick sanchez. >> hey, john, how are you? >> that's nice. >> somebody said that yesterday you were wearing something and there was some anchor in atlanta who said it wasn't masculine enough. i thought i would show that guy up by wearing the right apparel
7:57 pm
for a cooking endeavor. >> master chef sanchez. i looked just fine in my apron. we raised $300,000 for a great charity. >> here's the deal. i'll wear the apron and the hat if you will do the same one day and we'll see if we can get somebody to match it. we'll do it in miami this time, my hometown. >> you got it. >> good to see you, my friend. >> let's continue our conversation, here if i can focus after that. joe johns, pete dominick, dana bash. you have a piece i want to get to. a point at this hearing, colbert came under attack from one of the republicans there. >> stephen colbert makes his opening remarks. steve king implies stephen colbert didn't work in the field. colbert took a shot at steve king and as a corn packer, he didn't plan for that. if you attack a comedian, if you
7:58 pm
heckle them, they're coming back for you with comedy. i'll tell you monday night, steve king is going to get savaged on the colbert report. >> really? >> steve king, i don't think he'll get upset. >> he actually told me before the hearing, he's never seen comedy central. what he was trying to do, no question, is undermine the credibility of the witness and the democrats for actually asking. >> usually when we go to pete on the street, he's done something funny. here we go, friday night. >> can i get my job back? can i please? john king is killing me. can i get my job back. >> he's a handsome man. >> you don't care about the cause whatsoever, just colbert? >> yeah. >> if he wasn't here, would you be here? >> maybe. >> would you ever pick anything? >> i have. >> it's hard work. i don't want to have to do it
7:59 pm
again. >> you wouldn't be here if colbert wasn't here? >> i would probably just watch it on c span. >> i'm hungry. >> this apple, what are the odds that it was picked by an undocumented worker? >> probably 80%. >> i'm telling you i didn't raise three boys for them to be farm workers, no. i want them to better themselves. >> i grew up doing farm work. mostly for neighbors, and. >> you know. >> bailing hay, i know when i weighed 125 pounds. >> your weight now? >> that's classified. >> would you have been here if colbert wasn't here? >> probably not. >> you came here because you're a colbert fan? >> yes. >> do you care about the issue? >> i do now. >> how was the apple? >> delicious, and undocumented. >> undocumented apple? >> i don't really want that job. >> it lookedik

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